Friday, November 28, 2008

Questions to ask Prospective Agent?

Here's the story and the list from the Tribune's piece:

•How long have you worked in real estate, and how long have you been licensed?

•Are you a Realtor? What professional designations do you have, and what special skills do they certify?

•Do you work alone, or do you have an assistant or support staff?

•How often will we be in touch during the searching and buying process?

• Can I look at homes without you?

•What makes you stand out among your peers, and do you have references from clients?

•Will you act as a buyer-broker, or do you represent the seller?

•How will you get paid, and may I have that in writing?

•How many other buyers are you representing?

A fair list I suppose. On the Listing side, I'd want to see a full marketing plan as to how he/she would be marketing your home...very specific: Internet, newspaper, signage, open houses, ect. Surely view other property's he/she has currently listed.

On either side I'd want to know about community connections. When I think of an agent or two I work a lot with and think highly of, they are individuals who have a home in the community, perhaps have kids who've gone through or are in the schools, are involved in things like service organizations, Chambers of Commerce, ect.. I can think of a couple who are on the local school board.

I'd say the "real estate" stuff is more of a minimum bar to get over and the non-real estate knowledge and networks are how to really find an excellent real estate professional.


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