Friday, October 31, 2008

My Experience in the Cook County Treasurer's Office

Just a brief follow-up from yesterday's post...

So I took a little field trip today down to the Treasurer's Office in the County Administration building at 118 N. Clark Street to get my client's duplicate tax bill copy (client is out-of-state). And I would honestly give the office high marks for customer service! They have several people ready to assist you even before you enter the office so that you're not having to waste time up at the counters filling out paperwork. There are also several service personnel circulating around the office...two cheers for Maria Pappas!! I'd be hard pressed to think of the last time I've experienced good customer service in Cook County or Illinois government (except my dad who used to be a great TV spokesman for IDOT during the 90s).

That being said, what's up with the power trip over getting a copy of a tax bill?? Anyone, anywhere can view Cook County property tax bills and general property information over the Internet, yet they guard the release of duplicate tax bills copies like Fort Knox. Only the homeowner can get it unless you have a power of attorney (I have to pay them $1 for a duplicate due to their failure to send one to my client). I was fortunate to get a copy, I didn't have a POA but did have an Order appointing my client executor of the home owner's estate with me listed as the attorney of record.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger littlefella said...


It's called fleecing the taxpayers! This is how Collector Pappas funds the 534 Tax Sale Automation Fund.

The one dollar that you are paying and the $5.00 per bill that the mortgage companies pay all goes into the aforementioned Tax Sale Automation Fund even though...get this...the Tax Sale has ALREADY been automated!!!

It's called: How do you pry a funding source from a crooked politician???

Answer: You don't!! You let her continue to fornicate you as long as she can.

How do I know this you might ask??? I know a fellow whom worked in the Collectors office for 9.5 years until Collector Pappas realized that he's a threat to her freedom and as a result she charged him with 5...count em five (5) counts of "Official Misconduct." I know whom the crook is here...and it's not the tax paying public. See 06 CR 550501 or 06 CR 1942701 People v. Jonathan Martin
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