Friday, October 17, 2008

Cook Evictions to Resume

Here's the piece from the Tribune. It's hard to tell from the article what has changed although a new standing Order by Judge Kinnaird, presiding Judge with the Cook Chancery Division is referenced but I don't see it on the Circuit Court's Website. Anyone have a copy? I'll have to look around the chancery division the next time I'm down at Daley. From the article:

The new order will require banks to document the names of all tenants in a foreclosed building as well as when they were notified about impending foreclosure proceedings.

The new order, drafted by Dorothy Kinnaird, the presiding judge of the Cook County Chancery Division, does not create new laws. Instead, it is formalizing those laws and offers another measure to make sure that the proper procedure is followed when it comes to tenant notification.


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