Thursday, August 21, 2008

Condo Trouble w/ FHA Loans

Just catching up on my real estate reading and saw this piece from a couple weeks back in the Trib.'s real estate section regarding FHA restrictions related to buying condominiums. Here's the money 'graph:

FHA rules wreaking the most havoc locally are a requirement that a building must have four or more units. That means buyers of a condo in a three-flat need not apply. There's also a rule that a building's condo association cannot have a "right of first refusal" as part of its declarations of covenants and restrictions. Frequently in place but seldom used, right of first refusal enables an association to turn down a prospective buyer and then buy a unit from a seller.

I can't say I've ever dealt with this problem first hand but that's likely because FHA loans weren't used much until the last year. The right of first refusal restriction seems like it potentially has the greatest impact. From my experience more than 50% of condo associations include rights of first refusal. What's the history of those provisions?? I mean I've never heard or seen an association exercise it's right...getting it waived is generally a formality.


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