Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joliet "Blossoming"

Interesting overview piece in today's Tribune entitled Joliet blossoming into the place to be. It seems Joliet just passed Naperville to move into the 4th position in city rankings in the Land of Lincoln. Take a look at the piece. Joliet's one of those older communities with a gritty reputation but it definitely has some upside. It has a very distinct downtown with a Metra stop and the Des Plaines River right there. Sounds like there are some good deals.

I'm not with the Chamber of Commerce or anything but my first lawyer job post law school was in the South Suburbs and I'd get to Joliet about once a week for Will County Court work...very nice court to practice in by the way. I'm not a NASCAR fan but there is that minor league baseball team and I am a fan of the I & M bike of the best in the area.


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