Friday, May 09, 2008

Cook's Eviction Process In "What's Your Problem"

A pretty realistic example of how things work in Cook County evictions in this week's What's Your Problem column in the Trib. The column asks readers to write in about their problems and then the columnist gets involved to help and solve the problem. If you work in this field at all the story of the 88-year-old landlord isn't unusual. She got an Order of Possession in mid-January but didn't finally get her tenant evicted until earlier this week (May). Frankly the article portrays the Cook County Sheriff better than many of the cases I've been involved with. I've written in this space before about our last Order of Possession that actually went all the way to eviction and it took 9 weeks for the Sheriff to appear. Frankly this piece mentions that the Sheriff was out to the property in less than two months but the Landlord wasn't there when they arrived.

Eventually the LL got outside the 90-Day window (735 ILCS 5/9-117) to enforce an Order of Possession and she had to go back into court to get the Order renewed.


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