Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"For Sale" Signs Often a Barrier to Refi

"Zillow" Mary had a good reminder article Monday about how one's ability to refinance a mortgage can often be hurt when the home has recently been listed for sale. There's nothing hard and fast on this or any firm time-lines but here's the key:

That's because...the mortgage business tends to presume that if you refinance your home after a failed attempt to sell, you still might try to sell it soon -- paying off the loan and thus erasing any profit the lender might have made.

The article suggests that lenders will often require a 3 to 12 month waiting period before they'd fund a refi. This is on par with some experiences we've had with some clients often related to selling property from a marital estate, then changing minds and trying to refi and buyout the former spouse.


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