Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just cleaning out some old real estate files...

As the first snow flakes appear imminent and the real estate "season" slows down I was going through some of our recent closing files to send owner's title policies and recorded deeds out to clients this week. Two feelings: gratification & exhaustion.

Gratification. Honestly it felt good to see a number of checks come in related to good lawyering. They're all coming in due to real estate tax reproration agreements that we negotiated...i.e. the tax credit received at closing was lower than the actual taxes when the bills were issued.

Exhaustion. It's a lot of work to do proper post-closing better not be under-charging for residential real estate work. There's possibly a good hour of work involved in each file post-closing: calling the title company to follow-up on the owner's policy, communicating with Seller's attorney about the tax reproration and sending out a letter to the client the deed and policy. Do great work and earn a great fee!


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