Monday, July 24, 2006

Condos for seniors

As a condo resident and an attorney for various condo associations, the issues facing associations as residents age are fairly critical. The National Association of Realtors reported that 41% of condo buyers were over 45 years of age last year. I suspect this trend will continue as nursing home care gets more expensive (and the Deficit Reducation Act significantly cuts federal funding) and simply seniors prefer to stay on their own.

Really the only statutory guidance required of associations is the Fair Housing Act which requires reasonable accomodations for those with disabilities. These would include things such as parking spaces and service animals in non-pet buildings. Of course any costs to the association can be charged to the owner.

Other thoughts to enrich the lives of senior residents:
  • Require emergency contact information of all residents.
  • Amend governing documents to permit live-in caregivers and their vehicles.
  • Keep parking areas and building entrances well lit.
  • Create curb cuts in sidewalks.
  • Publish newsletters and announcements in large print.


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